SideContact Privacy Policy

Personal Data

SideContact collects certain personal data about you when you log in, including but not limited to your name, your unique identifiers such as your email address or social media identifiers, and other personal attributes including your picture for display purposes. The exact information captured depends on which form of login authentication you use. Your personal data may include the names or identitifiers of other people you are associated with (friends or followers, for example), who may or may not also be SideContact users. Your personal data is stored persistently with your account. Your personal data may be visible to other SideContact users, if you are present and visible to each other on the same website, or if you communicate with each other or post content online using SideContact or other social media. SideContact does not sell your personal data to advertisers.

Presence Data

SideContact software tracks your visits to web pages (your "Clicks") on your behalf, at websites where your current settings indicate you wish to be visible to other users. It is the default setting at most websites to be visible to at least some other users. You can prevent Click tracking, on a website by website basis, by turning off visiblity for all classes of users (unchecking all people categories on the right sidewalk). Tracked Clicks are sent to the SideContact presence Services, and from there to other SideContact users according to your settings. When you are on the same page as another user, you may see his face in the right margin. SideContact presence Services store your Clicks only for a period of time to reflect your recent presence on a page. Your Clicks may be logged persistently for system debugging purposes, but logs are kept only for internal maintenance purposes at SideContact. SideContact does not sell your Clicks to advertisers. We may retain and use aggregate (non-personal) information derived from your Clicks.

Posted Data and Messages

SideContact supports user comments about pages and messages between users (collectively, "Speech"). All speech occurs in context, on a particular page. You can only post Speech at websites where you are visible. The people who can see your speech are chosen by you. For comments, they are the categories of people you have checked in the right sidewalk. For messages, they are the specific person or persons you select to send the message to. Your speech may be stored persistently with your account, and may survive your presence at a particular page. Speech may be more persistent than Clicks. Users may be notified about Speech intended for them, even when they are not present on the page where it was created. These notifications occur as faces in the left side margin. You can control which categories of users you receive Speech notifications from by checking the category boxes in the left sidewalk. By speaking, you make it possible for other users for whom the Speech is intended to find out the page where you are now, and perhaps join you there, by clicking on a site icon next to the notification. Speech is more revealing than Clicks. It is possible to create Speech with no text (a "Pick"). A Pick is still Speech rather than just a Click: it may be more persistent, and it may appear as a left side notification. SideContact does not sell your Speech or Picks to advertisers. We may retain and use aggregate (non-personal) information derived from your Speech or Picks.

Data from Other Social Media

In order to integrate your SideContact experience with your use of other social media, SideContact will retrieve certain data made available by other social media services if you log in to SideContact via those services. You must authorize SideContact to access your information on these services, the first time you log in. SideContact makes some postings made on these other social media available in its sidewalks and overlay displays. SideContact treats these postings much as it does Speech and Picks made using SideContact. SideContact has buttons (in the sidewalks) which allow you to make additional postings on other social media. When you use these buttons, your post goes to both SideContact and the other social media service, and is subject to both services' terms and policies.