Your Metadata

SideContact is a new kind of app designed to give you control over your own metadata, which is personal data about you and your online experience. Your metadata is based on personal information identifying you, such as your name or other identifiers, but it's much more, including all the clicks you make and the text you type at websites. It's all the data about who you are, where you went online, what you did there, when you did it, and who you did it with.

Your personal metadata is yours. It wouldn't exist without you! Every click you make or query you type is your personal self-expression. It may not seem to you like very creative output, but it's very valuable.

Personal metadata is what Google, Facebook, Amazon and advertisers collect from you in order to make a profit. Their wealth is based on your data, which becomes their data once they collect and organize it. Without their huge databases built from users' metadata, these companies would have no revenues. Metadata is the business model of the internet.

SideContact provides you with personal technology to collect and organize your own metadata, and the controls to share it with just whom you choose, and only those people, when and where you choose, everywhere you go on the web.

Presence Metadata

SideContact is an app that makes people visible to each other on the web. It works by capturing your clicks at websites that you choose to visit publicly, and sharing them with people you choose, through a presence service in the cloud.

Technology that you trust to do this ought to work for you, as you decide. Since it uses your personal metadata, it ought to be designed to serve your interests, not to invade your privacy or exploit you as an advertising target. It should give you control over where and when you wish to be visible. It should not observe or share your clicks at websites that you visit privately. At websites you visit publicly, it should let you control who can see your comments or messages, for example by allowing you to limit sharing to particular individuals, or just people you know. It should never share your clicks with third party advertisers or businesses, unless you expressly opt in to a reciprocal relationship with a company (a relationship under your supervision).

SideContact's software and services, and our privacy policy, are designed based on these principles.